Less than 5 miles from Tudor Caravan Park - the centrepiece of Berkeley is undoubtedly the magnificent 12th century Berkeley Castle with its dark and brooding bloodstained history. It is also the place where a humble village doctor made an amazing medical discovery.

Berkeley Castle

Tudor Caravan Park - Berkeley Castle

Built around 1150 this Norman castle is set amongst wonderful countryside. Berkeley has witnessed many historical events and the family which bear its name have also given their name to locations around the world; from Berkeley Square in London to Berkeley Hundred Plantation in Virginia and Berkeley University in California.

Berkeley Castle has been lived in by the same family for over 900 years. It is where history has been made. Where Edward II was murdered, where the Barons of the West gathered before Magna Carta and where Queen Elizabeth I hunted and played bowls.

Berkeley Castle Website

Edward Jenner Museum

Tudor Caravan Park - Edward Jenner Museum

Edward Jenner was born in Berkeley in 1749, from humble beginnings as the Berkeley village doctor, Edward Jenner's methods, and in particular his discovery of vaccination, have now developed into one of the most important branches of modern medicine.

The museum looks at Jenner's life and modern immunology.

Edward Jenner Website

Berkeley is less than 5 miles from Tudor Caravan Park and is a safe bicycle ride along the country roads of National Cycle Route #41 or about 5 minutes by car.


Tudor Caravan Park - Berkeley Castle from the gardens

Berkeley Castle

Tudor Caravan Park - Berkeley Castle entrance

Berkeley Castle entrance

Tudor Caravan Park - Temple of Vaccinia ain the gardens at the Edward Jenner Museum in Berkeley

Temple of Vaccinia